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Save the Last Kiss

Ute Carson


 book cover


Reminiscences of first love are woven through letters from Sophia, a German journalist now living in Spain. She writes to her dying friend, Klaus. Sophia recalls the emotional experiences they shared as they came of age, and recounts how she wrestled with the discovery that Klaus was in a serious relationship with someone else while courting her. As Sophia writes, she learns that clinging to a romantic attachment from the past risks crippling her capacity to love in the present.

Using the all but lost love letter form, the author recalls Sophia’s conflicted lifelong love for her dying friend, Klaus, in a series of poignant letters. Sophia’s memories describe classic themes of love and death concluding that while her love was idealized, it amplified true goodness in both their lives.
R.J. Nelson. Author of Dirty Waters, Confessions of Chicago’s Last Harbor Boss

Through a series of letters Sophia writes to her first love, Klaus, when he is at the end of his life, revealing the secrets of her heart and life. Her vivid, poetical language leaves an indelible imprint on the reader’s mind. Save the Last Kiss narrates a story of love, betrayals, and different kinds of relationships. Her writing is compelling and loaded with suspense and psychological insights.
Julia Hones, poet and writer, former poetry editor of Southern Pacific Review



ISBN: 978-1-63210-026-9

118 pages, $15.95

Fiction : Psychological
Fiction : Romance - Contemporary
Family & Relationships : Death, Grief, Bereavement

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