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The Size of the World/The Shape of the Heart

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Aline Soules
Nancy Ryan


About The Size Of the World, by Aline Soules

This deeply personal work is elevated by a voice both refreshing and unsetling in its directness as Aline Soules charts the unsentimental and courageous journey of her own heart . . . her poetry can startle with its sudden leaps between worlds, or its understatement, as in the haunting "Spilt Milk" . . . her surrender to each subject gives her voice its impressive range -- from the lyrical recollectons of first love to the wry humor of "Tea and Biscuits."

Mary Y. Herbert, Author of Horatio Rides the Wind

Aline Soule's personal world is larger than most -- with poems and stories about places ranging from Rome to Scotland to Canada to Poland. She's best at recreating history, putting flesh on her childhood, her family, her son, the difficult and beautiful relationship with her parents and grandmother. In The Size of the World Aline Soules' voice is clear and serious, always leading us closer to those illusive concepts of truth, meaning and compassion.

David James, Author of A Heart Out Of This World


About The Shape Of the Heart

Of "Resting Places," Nancy Ryan's first-place story in the 1996 Detroit Women Writers' Short Story Contest, Charles Baxter, contest judge, wrote . . . The last two pages of this story were as beautiful as any fiction I've read in the last few weeks: here setting, theme, and characterization come together with an unusual subtlety and delicacy of feeling.

Charles Baxter, Author of Believers

Her primary theme is relationships, usually within families and among generations, with all the attendant tensions, failures, and joys. In "What Mother Knows," for example, Dara can't acknowledge the strength of her mother's love until her mother is gone, and in "Black Patent Blues," the first-person narrator grapples with the loss of her mother with the help of a mother surrogate.

Stephen Dunning, Author of To the Beautiful Women and Hunter's Park

Ibsn: 1-891386-06-9, 128 pages, $14.95


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