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We publish poetry which heals the human heart and condition -- issue based art that teaches, heals and celebrates the best we can be -- one to one -- here/now.

New Titles: Poetry

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Strange Conveyances
The Spoken Body

Red Has No Reason
Secret Weeping Of Stones

Bye Bye Blackbird
Additions and Subtraction
The Art of Folding
Body and Echo
Conspiracy Of Leaves
Not Every Woman Swooned
Saints & Cannibals
Some Women's Lives

Thousand-Cricket Song
Venus and Other Losses
Chronic Progressive

Black Irish
Questions of Fire
The Guilt Gene
Lightning Forest, Lava Root
The Grandmother Poems
There Will Be Silence While You Wait
My Side Of the Street

Glad Wilderness
Geraldine Cannon
Migration Ballads: A Poet's Journey
By Ali F. Bilir
Part Darkness, Part Breath
Edward A. Dougherty
Remembering Fireflies
Pamela Laskin
Notes From Refuge
Lana Maht Wiggins

Poems from New Orleans, from greif, from life — sometimes gothic, sometimes romantic, rich in poetic style and magic.

In Memory of the Fast Break
Michael Sweeney

Poetry about sports, and everything else. "If Gerard Manley Hopkins were to wax poetic on Michael Jordan, the poems might look like Mike Sweeney's. Not only has Sweeney found a voice, he has invented a form all his own." ( Michele Madigan Somerville)

Crazy Jane, poems
Pat Falk

A collectionof poetry named after the Yates character and reaching into the external and internal landscapes and realities which make madnes common to all.

Twilight of Dreams
Tom McFadden

Poems for and of those shining beings who find their way to communities of seniors whose lives resonate together as they fall or drift or walk or dream their final time with us, with each other, with themselves — (Susan Bright)

Signal Moments
Marilyn Kiss

Here the poet invents a chronology of loss and forgiveness, grief and meaning — an antidote to our time.

Alternatives To Surrender
Martin Willitts, Editor

An anthology of poetry about cancer, healing, treatment, recovery and loss by poets from all over the world.

Sweetness Of Salt
MK Ajay

First American edition of poetry by a young Indian poet living in Malaysia whose gentle and universal poetic voice celebrates the daily relationships and patterns at the center of our lives.

Rembrandt's Smock
Lynn Strongin

Poetry full of startling phrases, stops, magical imagery that surprises and touches the mind/soul/heart.

Theaters of War
Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi

This African Poet and teacher reveals the horror of war after war through the voices of people -- soldiers and civilians -- caught in the crossfire, retaining their humanness, ability to love, laugh, survive.

Cave Vitae
Diana Adams

Diana Adams' vividly Ovidian poems are rife with transformations and metamorphoses. (Reginald Shepherd)

Scattered Showers In a Clear Sky
Anne Higgins

Moving back and forth between the natural world and the sphere of human endeavors, the poet finds the connections between them, whether ironic or tender. (Sarah Sloat)

Altars Of Ordinary Light
June Sylvester Saraceno

The title is apropos for a book that seeks to shed light on ordinary living—childhood, family, marriage, womanhood. (Ellen Hopkins)

The Paper Rose
Tom Absher

Tom Absher offers us visions of dragon-breathed war trains, desert silences, the communion of saints and starlight as he turns his ear to the soft pulse of the human heart and his eye to even the smallest details of this world. (Michael Macklin)

Mike Maggio

Maggio is a political writer. On every page of deMOCKracy he writes with the urgency that reminds us that our house is burning. (E. Ethelbert Miller)

The Body Electric Journal
Paul Lobo Portugés

Paul Lobo Portugés's petry sheds light on the myopic consciousness of a dark American night. (Alan Ginsberg)

Porch Night On Walnut Street
Alex Richardson

Richardson offers up directions for our crazy suburban culture's survival: surprise, delight, ardor, and a smart-assed humor you won't see coming like a Little League flyball. (John Lane)

Email To Cleveland
Elaine Heveron

Elaine Heveron writes of her world—its thingness—with relish and affection, each poem offering artifacts of a shareable life . . . (Leslie Ullman)

Crossing the Equal Sign
Marion Deutsche Cohen

Poems about mathematics by a mathematician and a poet — balancing the sides of the brain, stretching the way we are able to know.

Players in the Dream, Dreamers in the Play
Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Exquisite and smart projective verse spun out of the wisdom of a psychotherapist — in her other life. (Release April 07)

America Bound — An Epic for Our Time
David Radavich

Like Edgar Masters — the drama in simple American people's lives rings out in these poems. (Release April 07)

Dove Over Clouds
Yolanda Nieves

Puerto Rico is in the soul of all these poems, and America, and the life of a woman and mother. (Release April 07)

East, West and Beyond
Gloria Dyc

A woman's journey from the Midwest to the Southwest, a wisewoman's song. (Release April 07)

Down to the Quick
Nancy Scott

Coping with work, family, the aching reality of social work in urban America, Scott finds a way to tranform pain with love and patience.

Pictures in the Firestorm
Lauren Rusk

Wise, elegant, poetry engaging art and history.

The Jeweled Net of Indra
Dane Cervine

Poetry rooted in family and the world written by a poet who works as a children's mental health professional — insightful and caring.

Bird Of the Present Moment
Paméla Overeynder

Poetry of the moment, celebration of nature, from a poet and peace maker.

Love's Bluff
Patti See

Poetry from the way we live, love, parent -- with sense and truth.

Unutterable Blunders and Palace Disasters
Ken Jones

Poetry of satire and celebration

Pity the World
Bruce Taylor

Attention to detail, minimal and then maximized. The title says it.



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